Son of Hamas

21 Aug

Reading a hugely interesting book at the moment about the son of a Hamas leader who defected to Israel and was subsequently converted to Christianity before seeking political asylum in the US. It provides a fascinating insight into the current situation in the Middlle East. He now blogs here.

Great to see how God was at work in bringing him to Christ – even if it was slowly over a long period!


Tamara Lowe at Christ Fellowship

16 Jun

Steve Jobs on Internet Freedom

19 May

Glad to see this today from Tim Chester.

Steve Jobs has said that he values:

Freedom from programs that steal your private data. Freedom from programs that trash your battery. Freedom from pom. Yep, freedom. The times they are a changin’ and some traditional PC folks feel their world is slipping away. It is.

Contemporvant Worship

18 May

Someone showed me this video a few days ago. Bob Kauflin has just blogged about it here. He includes this excellent quote from Don Carson’s book The Cross and Christian Ministry:

If the church is being built with large portions of charm, personality, easy oratory, positive thinking, managerial skills, powerful and emotional experiences, and people smarts, but without the repeated, passionate, Spirit-anointed proclamation of “Jesus Christ and him crucified,” we may be winning more adherents than converts…Do not think that you can adopt the philosophies and values of the world as if such choices do not have a profoundly detrimental impact on the church. Do not think you can get away with it. Do not kid yourself that you are with it, and avant-garde Christian, when in fact you are leaving the gospel behind and doing damage to God’s church. (p. 80, 84)

New Camera = Evening at the Beach

17 May

My Nokia compact from 2003 has finally given up the ghost, so it was time for a new point-and-shoot. I went for the Panasonic Lumix FS10 after lots of reading. It’s pretty basic, but Panasonic have been doing good things with their compacts recently. Haven’t got to grips with everything yet- although there aren’t many manual settings there are plenty of scene modes to play with.