Strategic Righteousness and a Heart for the Nations

10 Sep

I’ve just been away at UCCF’s Forum Conference for Christian Union Leaders. John Piper opened up the book of Ruth in a way which was both biblically faithful and culturally relevant.

Ruth is a book about the providence of God for his people in the darkest of times, so that they will not lose hope.

I was particularly struck by his handling of the plan hatched by Naomi and Ruth to secure Boaz as kinsman-redeemer. Under God’s sovereignty, we are called to plan to do whatver we see as the right, wise, God-honouring thing while accepting that as still sinful creatures, our wills are not yet perfectly aligned with God’s will. God works through our feeble human effors to accomplish his great purpose of glorifying himself, for the joy of all peoples through Christ.

Also, in response to those who say that in the OT God is only interested in the Jews, note that he took a gentile Moabite woman and encorporated her in the the line of Christ Ruth 4:13-22. Christ, God made man, came from the nations for the nations, so that no-one can boast.


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