A few good books

21 Dec

I’d like to recommend three books for you to read. I’ve read others this year which have been equally good, but these ones stick out as being particularly helpful and accessible.

Firstly, Battling Unbelief – Defeating sin with superior pleasure by John Piper shows how what God has in store for us is so much better than anthing the immediate pleasures of sin can offer. Piper encourages us to fight sin ruthlessly with the magnificent promises of God which will last for eternity.

Worship Matters: Leading others to encounter the glory of God is simply brilliant. Bob Kauflin gives both a comprehensive theology of worship and a practical guide to serving the congregation in bringing glory to God. Read this one, and then give it to someone else. It’s that good!

Finally, Christian Beliefs – 20 things every Christian should know is the second shrinkage based on Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem, and while it can be very brief in places, it give a helpful overview of the big themes of God and his gospel.


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