What is a healthy church?

13 Jan

What Is a Healthy Church?In this shorter version of his “9 marks” book, Mark Dever gives an introduction to what we should look for in a church. The book is split into three sections:

Part 1: What is a healthy church. Deals with what church is all about at its core and how Christians and the church relate to each other.

Part 2: Essential marks of a healthy church. Three things that a church simply cannot do without: expositional preaching, biblical theology and a biblical understasnding of the gospel.

Part 3: Important marks of a healthy church. Six things churches should have, but which are of seconday importance: A biblical understanding of conversion, evangelism and membership, a right understanding of church discipline, discipleship and growth, and biblical church leadership.

Dever comes from a more ‘traditional’ church yet his principles aren’t tied down to a particular style at all. Rather they are soaked in scripture and thankfulness for the cross. Not bad at all!

Get one here


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