Death by Love

3 Oct

Death by LoveDriscoll and Breshears give us a solid biblical treatment of issues facing many today. In terms of content, I find little to complain about. The introduction to penal substitution is brilliant. Nevertheless, the idea of reading letters meant to confront someone else’s stuggles with sin and/or dispair does seem a little wierd, even if the advice is good. Driscoll doesn’t pull any punches and I’m left feeling quite uncomfortable in places. Maybe that’s a good thing; after all, sin is a big deal and it should be dealt with seriously.

Driscoll’s explanation of modern biblical relevance is worth taking note of:

The gospel message comes from God to the culture but does not eminate in any way from the culture, though it must be effectively communicated to all cultures. Because of this, the truth of the gospel of Scripture is binding on all peoples, times, and places.


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