Weird Church in Wired Magazine

17 May

Read here today about a pretty strange kind of church – one which is entirely online. I guess there may be one or two good points to be made, but with all that comes with web-anonymity I can’t imagine it’s the best way of forging meaningful relationships and building one another up as brothers and sisters… or maybe I’m just old-fashioned?

How about this from their statement of faith:

“God is revealed to seekers by many different means, including creation, the Bible, the life of Jesus and the Spirit-filled witness of the Church. St Pixels is one expression of that historical, international and universal Church. We aim to create sacred space on the Internet where we can seek God together, enjoy each other’s company and reflect God’s love for the world.”

We recognise that this statement of faith does not go as far as some Christians would want it to.  However, at St Pixels we are intentionally “vague” because we want as many people as possible to feel part of the community….

Therefore, beyond the above statement in the Core Values, there is no official view on matters of faith.

Certainly sounds vague to me! No thanks, think I’ll stick with the real thing.


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