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Son of Hamas

21 Aug

Reading a hugely interesting book at the moment about the son of a Hamas leader who defected to Israel and was subsequently converted to Christianity before seeking political asylum in the US. It provides a fascinating insight into the current situation in the Middlle East. He now blogs here.

Great to see how God was at work in bringing him to Christ – even if it was slowly over a long period!


Lord Tebbit gets his priorities right

26 Jan

Debating the Equality Bill in the House of Lords yesterday, Lord Tebbit had this to say in one of the more succinct contributions to the debate:

“I will just make one short observation. It seems from what has been said from the Benches opposite and from the noble Lord, Lord Lester, that we have a choice tonight-whether we walk in fear of the law of the Lord or the law of Brussels. I know which way I am going.”