Links – uccf:thechristianunions website – brings together some of the best possible resources to help you to understand, defend and communicate the Christian faith. – Christian theology is the most exciting thing possible because it’s simply about knowing God better, loving Jesus more, and joining the revolution to bring God’s Word to God’s world. – the Christian Medical Fellowship website has loads of great articles on current, ethical and medical issues and what the Bible has to say about them. – a group of (mostly) pastors and churches in the Reformed heritage who delight in the truth and power of the gospel, and who want the gospel of Christ crucified and resurrected to lie at the center of all they cherish, preach, and teach. – produces songs for today’s Church which are gospel saturated, Christ centred and culturally accessible. Brilliant.


Capitol Hill Baptist: Mark Dever –  Here

Highfields Church: Peter Baker – Here

Mars Hill Church: Mark Driscoll –  Here

Redeemer Presbyterian: Tim Keller –  Here

Sovereign Grace: CJ Mahaney –  Here

Spicer Street: Greg Strain –  Here

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