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Sex Education on the BBC

27 Feb


Somehow I’ve managed to get myself onto the BBC1 Big Questions show this Sunday morning. The debate will focus on whether it is right for parents to give moral guidance to their children when it comes to sex education. This is in response to a new government policy reported here. Should they just give the biological facts or is it ok to tell their children that sex is wrong in some situations? The question seems pretty flawed to be honest – I’m sure almost everyone would agree that sex is wrong in some situations. Anyway, the beeb wants to know what I was taught by my parents and whether I’m happy about it:

I was brought up with a Christian worldview i.e. that we were created by a loving God for relationship with him and that as creator and designer, he knows what is best for us as people and as a society. Sex is a gift from God for two people to enjoy one another in the context of heterosexual marriage and any sexual activity outside of that is contrary to God’s plans for his people. It’s clear that society’s values today are vastly different from God’s and we are reaping the consequences as we can see from the still rising rates of STIs and teenage pregnancies. I am grateful that I was brought up with these values by parents who didn’t just say “don’t have sex” but who showed how it was both for my good and the glory of God.

The idea that abstinance is impossible in today’s society is simply ridiculous, demonstrated by absinance programmes in the States which have reported up to 36% decreases in teenage birth rates. In today’s society, that can only be a good thing.

CCFON gives selected highlights of the debate here.