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John Piper: Christian Celebrity

10 Jun

A dear brother often voices his distaste for the Christian celebrity mindset. Today, John Piper posted on how we should avoid unholy ‘hero-worship’ of pastors, teachers etc, but that it is right when someone sees “evidence of God’s grace, and admires them for Christ’s sake…

What is the meaning of the attention given to well-known pastors? What does the desire for autographs and photographs mean? The negative meaning would be something akin to name-dropping. Our egos are massaged if we can say we know someone famous. You see this on blogs with words like “my friend Barack” and the like. And I presume that, for some, an autograph or a photo has the same ego-boost….

Here is one small contribution. In spite of all the legitimate warnings against hero worship, I want to risk waving a flag for holy emulation—which includes realistic admiration. Hero worship means admiring someone for unholy reasons and seeing all he does as admirable (whether it’s sin or not). Holy emulation, on the other hand, sees evidences of God’s grace, and admires them for Christ’s sake, and wants to learn from them and grow in them.

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