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C J Mahaney: Biblical Productivity

25 May

As a person with lots of time badly used, this collection of posts from Mahaney is quite handy:

Only God gets his to‐do list done each day.

This simple sentence informs how I begin my day, what I expect to accomplish during the day, and how I close each day. When I step out of my office and turn the light off at the end of my day, and the list of to‐dos is incomplete, I say to my secretary, “Nora, we will try again tomorrow.” This brief statement is an acknowledgment of my limitations, and is my way of saying that—once again—I didn’t get everything done. It’s a moment for me to
cultivate humility.

No matter how much planning, scheduling, and discipline is present in my life, I will never completely redeem the time. I am a finite creature, limited in what I can accomplish, and further limited by my sin. So it should surprise nobody that I leave to‐dos undone each and every day.

My joy is not derived from the flawless execution of my goals. My joy each day is derived from the person and work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Only God gets his to‐do list done each day. I need the cross of Christ each day.

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