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A country in need

5 Sep

I’ve just returned from a couple of weeks in Greece and Turkey. Apart from the 5am call to prayer, one of the highlights was a trip to ancient Ephesus. It was incredible to think that we were standing in the theatre where Paul once stood, provoking the Ephesians to riot in defence of their god, Artemis.

Throughout the country, I was struck by the huge number of mosques, and the almost total absence of churches; hardly surprising in a country which is over 99% Muslim, although many are nominal. Opperation World estimates that there were only 10 Christians in Turkey in 1960, a number which as risen to 20,000 today.

Turkey remains the largest unreached nation in the world. Strange, as for over 1000 years is was a world centre for Christianity. Of the 66 million Muslims, few have ever heard the gospel.